Please enable JavaScript to access this page. Systems Administrator – Senate Democrats (Junior & Senior Senators’ offices)
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February 2020
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Systems Administrator – Senate Democrats (Junior & Senior Senators’ offices)

Democratic Senators seek an experienced Systems Administrator to oversee technology for two Senate offices (includes both Senators’ DC and state offices).  Responsibilities include updating, maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software for the DC and state offices.  This will include, but not be limited to, office workstations including PC and Mac, printers, Blackberries, servers and other office related hardware.  The SA provides end user support for a variety of issues and should be up to the task of researching for the resolution of technical problems.  The SA responds to telephone, email and in person requests for assistance.  The SA makes recommendations for the purchase of IT, office and communications equipment.  The SA updates the Senator’s website and works with outside vendors when appropriate. Ideal candidate will have prior experience in a technical support role and have experience with Windows server 2003/2007 permissions.  An understanding of Exchange and Active Directory is also desired. Candidate will possess strong interpersonal and communications skills and be extremely organized.  Candidate will also be highly motivated and able to multi-task. Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to with 222685 as the job referral number in the subject line.

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