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April 2021
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Legislative Fellow (tax) – House Ways & Means Republican

In this position the fellow will act as administrative and legislative support to the Chief of Staff and Tax Counsel. The Fellow will provide research and drafting support to the tax team while gaining a basic understanding of tax policy and the role of legislative support on Capitol Hill. The goal is that the Fellow will gain an understanding of jurisdiction, the role of various political actors, the statutory origins, and the future of tax policy. The Fellow will be encouraged to approach topics from a legislative perspective, trying to decipher the legislative consequence of potential policy changes in the various topics. The goal is to raise the level of expertise of the Fellow so that he or she could take on the role of Tax Counsel, or do tax policy for an association/firm.    

Primary Responsibilities:  

· Learn the basics of tax policy and will attend briefings/ Committee hearings as assigned.  Assist in hearing prep.   
· Will assist in the drafting of general floor statements  
· Will be responsible for weekly blog/ one pager on a new area of tax policy  
· Will perform research and write memos on tax assignments  
· Will be responsible for sending daily Dear Colleagues on MCB legislation  
· Will draft Dear Colleagues and background materials as assigned  
· Will track responses to letters sent to Administration officials on tax issues as assigned  
· May sit in on meetings with W&M, Leadership or the Senate as approved by the tax team  
· Will have legislative projects on low level bills and if they reach the level, may staff the   Congressman at hearings  
· Will draft certain constituent mail to delve into the details of tax policy.       

The position is paid a monthly stipend and will be eligible for metro benefits.  Ideal candidate is an evening law student or part-time tax LLM student. Please send resumes to

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