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April 2021
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Legislative Director – House Republican

Established Republican Member of Congress is in need of an experienced, conservative legislative director to drive a legislative agenda, manage legislative staff, and oversee the office’s mail program.  Candidates should have an intimate knowledge of policy issues and procedure along with experience at creatively developing legislation and amendments and shepherding them through all stages of the legislative process.  That technical knowledge should be paired with impeccable judgment, formed by an understanding and enthusiasm for the Constitution and conservative principles.  Ideal candidates should also have established relationships with leadership, committee, and personal office staff across the Republican Conference as well as issue stakeholders to facilitate progress towards legislative goals.  Exceptional writing and communications skills are required as the position requires both creation and review of vote recommendations, memos, and constituent letters, as well as engaging professionally and courteously with office visitors.  Management experience is preferable as candidates must be prepared to artfully ensure that legislative staff maintain their high performance and to provide appropriate guidance and professional development opportunities.  Candidates should also be comfortable with the Capitol Hill environment, which at times requires a flexible schedule and ability to work through demanding situations.  To be considered, candidates should have experience as a legislative director or at least two years experience in a legislative assistant or similar position.  Please send a cover letter, resume, and references to for consideration.

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