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May 2020
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Legislative Assistant – Southern House Republican

Conservative southern Member of Congress seeks a legislative assistant to handle a variety of issues.  Staff members with southern ties and Hill experience preferred.  Responsibilities, qualifications, and duties match those of traditional Hill offices:


– to develop and plan legislative initiatives;
– to monitor legislative developments within Committees and on the House floor;
– to write Floor speeches for the Member;
– to draft constituent correspondence for the Member; and
– to meet with constituents and special interest groups on behalf of the Member.


– at least 1 -2 years of legislative experience;
– strong academic credentials;
– strong leadership and organizational skills;
– excellent oral and written communication skills;
– thorough knowledge of the legislative process;
– ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment in the formulation and recommendation of policy positions for the Member;
– ability to work cooperatively and courteously with others;
– ability to work well under pressure;
– thoroughness and careful attention to detail; and
– availability to work long hours and at night.


– formulates legislative initiatives for assigned issue areas which includes:

1. devising a legislative plan;
2. drafting the plan into legislative form;
3. planning, coordinating and scheduling introduction of legislation in the House (or offering it on an appropriate vehicle if it is an amendment);
4. gathering support for a bill or amendment from other Members, as well as appropriate interest groups;
5. working with committees on legislation;
6. coordinating legislative support to get the bill passed in the House.

– works with Legislative Correspondent to complete legislative mail;
– tracks legislation and other developments in his or her assigned issue areas and briefs the Member for floor work, committee work, work in   the district, and outside House-related activities;
– monitors legislative developments within committees;
– plans and coordinates cosponsorship and support of other legislation;
– monitors legislation on the House floor, providing the Member with information on each vote;
– writes Floor speeches for the Member;
– if assigned to issues pending before a specific committee, prepares for and attends committee meetings and hearings with or without the   Member (i.e., keeps in contact with committee staff and meets with interest groups and constituents with interests in such meetings);
– acts as liaison with committee and agency staffs;
– performs special projects assigned by the Member or Chief of Staff;
– meets with constituents and interest groups;
– provides information on and generates ideas for press, mass mailings, and newsletters;
– answers constituent letters and helps constituents on federal matters; and
– performs other duties as assigned.

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to

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