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At, we encourage you to browse through jobs we have found through various job lists and resources available on the Web that cater to those looking for jobs on Capitol Hill.

We provide you with a free access option to jobs we find through these job lists and resources available on the Web without you paying anything. All we ask is that you fill out a simple no-cost offer of ours in order for you to gain access to these Hill jobs. It costs you nothing to do this and you will have access to browse these jobs for 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can browse these jobs again for free, but you will need to fill out another offer in order to gain access for an additional 48 hours.

If you wish to upgrade to one of our premium and paid access service options, you will not need to fill out one of our offers to gain access to these jobs. If you subscribe to our paid services, you will have full access to the Capitol Hill jobs we find for set prices depending on the preferences you select for the length and duration of your chosen subscription.

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Depending on the preferences of paid subscribers, members will have access to our select premium service jobs section without having to fill out one of our free offers.

We will post jobs we find through various lists passed around Washington every day. We will also proactively find vacancies in offices that have not been advertised. We cannot promise that these unadvertised vacancies will be available for you to browse every day, but we will post them when we find them. Only paid subscribers will have access to these unadvertised vacancies.

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